Abby stays busy as president of the debate team and president of student government

PULLMAN, WA - KLEW cares about you and that's why each week during the school year, we team up with Lewiston Orthopaedic Associates to highlight an outstanding local high school student.

Reporter Rachel Dubrovin introduces you to Pullman High School Senior Abbey Gilliland-King.

Abbey Gilliland-King is a Senior at Pullman High School.

"I think my favorite subject is probably history and civics because I really like government and politics, said Gilliland-King.

That being said, it's no surprise that Abbey is the president of both the student government and the debate team at Pullman High.

"I find it very entertaining to be able to go head-to-head kind of with someone and share our feelings on things," said Gilliland-King.

Abbey said she also enjoys volunteering with the Key Club. And with graduation just a few weeks away, she's preparing for the transition into college. But, she's not going far.

"I'm going to be attending WSU in the fall," said Gilliland-King. "I really love Pullman. When I first moved here, I totally hated it. But it's definitely grown on me and I really love the small town aspect and community that comes with it."

She said she plans on studying human development because she's interested in teaching special education.

"I really love helping people," said Gilliland-King. "And I think that it's really great to teach others because I guess one thing that I've experienced is that you start from a point of not knowing anything, and then a teacher sort of helps you grow."

Congratulations Abbey, you're this week's "Academic All-Star."