Academic All Star Skyler Ting enjoys dabbling in a lot of different things

MOSCOW, ID - Moscow High School student Skyler Ting is making the most out of her senior year.

"It's kind of cool because I really like the people in my class and I'm able to enjoy each class with them and everyone is just excited for their senior year to be a good year," said Ting.

Skyler says her favorite class is Spanish.

"It's a challenging class, but I have a really good teacher so it's a lot of fun," said Ting.

But she's doing well in all of them. Skyler currently holds a 4.0 GPA, and she's involved in a long list of extracurriculars including Business Professionals of America, theater, and the debate club.

"I just try to dabble in a lot of different things," said Ting.

She's also an athlete. This year she's taking a break from soccer to dance.

"I really enjoy dance because it's a nice way to express myself," said Ting.

And even though it's still early in the school year, she's already thinking about college. She said she hopes to be on the east or west coast.

(Ting says, "I kind of am looking to explore the US more and see what's out there," said Ting.

Congratulations Skyler, you're this week's Academic All Star.