Art Swannack wants to cut tension among Whitman Co. Commissioners

PULLMAN, WA - Both Latah and Whitman County will elect a new County Commissioner for District 1 in the upcoming election, and in Whitman County the race is between two Republicans.

One of them is Art Swannack form Lamont, Washington. If elected, he hopes to find more efficient ways to spend the county's money, and he doesn't support the controversial Hawkins Development.

"I oppose the idea of using public funds to help one private development," said Swannack. "I don't believe that's our position in government to support just one developer.

Swannack also believes that the county commissioners need to make more of an effort to work together as a team. He said he feels that there is currently a lot of tension amongst the commissioners, and in their relationships with other branches of the county government. Swannack said he would work to resolve those issues in order to make the county government more successful.

In the past, Swannack has served as a director for the Lamont School Board, as the Lamont Fire Commissioner, and as president of the Washington State Sheep Producers. Swannack is a lifelong resident of Whitman County and a WSU alumnus.