Basketball Champ is an All Star in the classroom too

CLARKSTON, WA - A 2A State Basketball Championship isn't all senior KC McConnell has to write home about.

She's a gifted mathematician, a member of the National Honor Society and a valedictorian.

"I try to stay organized and balance playing my athletics with my homework and make sure I put enough time into everything to be successful," said KC.

KC balances school work and sports year round and isn't just a fan of basketball. She enjoys playing volleyball and tennis as well.

"From sports I have been competitive, so I'm kind of competitive in the classroom as well," said KC. "I just like to try and achieve my full potential in every subject that I can."

KC would like to pursue basketball at Whitworth or LCSC with a major in math or biology. She say's her family plays a huge part in her success.

"They've really taught me to work hard in all of my subjects and all of my activities and to really get time balanced and everything so that I can as successful as possible," said KC.