Beaudin's been writing music & short stories ever since he was a kid

LEWSTON, ID - Tristen Beaudin was this week's Lewiston Orthopedic Associates Academic All Star.

Beaudin is a National Merit Scholar, a first place regional and state Business Professionals of America winner and a 4.0 student.

"My parents always pushed me to excel in Academics and it started to come easily," said Tristen.

"He's an incredible student," said Lewiston High School Councilor Neil Williams. "He has a lot of interests, he has some interests in writing, and academically he's incredible."

Tristen's been writing music and short fictional stories ever since he was a little boy and said his favorite subject is English.

"I try to describe ideas that are more difficult than words," said Tristen.

Although Tristen remains undecided as to what he'll major in after high school he said writing and mechanical engineering are both of interest.

"I've thought about the University of Idaho and the University of Oregon," said Tristen. "It's not specific to what subject I'm going to go into."

"He has some abilities as a writer in addition to his other skills, which he could be an engineer or nearly anything," said Williams.