Berger has earned a college scholarship and is Captain of Knowledge Bowl

MOSCOW, ID - Isaac Berger is a Moscow High School Senior math whiz.

"I'm really a left-brained person, I'm really good at like logical thinking," said Berger.

Isaac is finishing up his senior year with a 3.86 GPA.

"I know that what you put into school effects what you get out of it," said Berger.

Isaac put in four years of hard work at MHS, and earned himself a college scholarship.

"I'm going to what's called Berrett Honors College at Arizona State University, and when I'm there I plan to major in microbiology," said Berger.

Isaac enjoys learning, even when he's not doing school work. In fact, he's the captain of the school's Knowledge Bowl team.

"It's a smattering of different trivia," said Berger. "It's kind of like Jeopardy."

He also likes to compete as an athlete.

"Well, I need to stay in shape somehow, and I just have the build of a long distance runner," said Berger.

Isaac runs cross country and track and he says his favorite person to compete against is himself.

When I win a race, that's also nice, but mostly just improving my own times is a great feeling," said Berger.