Bresnahan hopes to be a veterinarian for the Army

OROFINO, ID - Brittany Bresnahan knows that hard work can pay off, and she's got a 3.9 GPA to prove it.

"It's really easy if you know the material," said Bresnahan. "You look at it when you don't have to. Think about it in other ways that will help you learn it. You just study it more."

Brittany's been at the top of her class for so long, she's confident she'll be the valedictorian when the class of 2013 graduates this spring.

"I'm already assured admission into WSU," said Bresnahan. "I pretty much just have to send in my application because of my grade point average, I already get in."

She hopes to be a veterinarian for the Army. She's currently enlisted and would love to care for animals on a base somewhere around the world.

"I knew that getting into college and anything else that would help me along the way, I learned it real fast that you need good grades to get anywhere," said Bresnahan.

Brittany plans to move to Pullman next summer after completing the Advanced Individual Training program for the Army.