Buttrey says he will keep sheriff's office moving forward

LEWISTON, ID - Democrat and current Nez Perce County Sheriff Dale Buttrey said that, if re-elected, he'll continue to provide the highest quality law enforcement services available.

Buttrey's worked for the Sheriff's Office for 25 years, four of which he's served as the county sheriff. The sheriff contends that he's done everything he can to keep within budget and provide good services, while maintaining a good reputation not only in the county but in the state.

"I'm the best man for the job," said Buttrey. "I have the experience, I have the training and I have the desire to keep going in the direction that the sheriff's office is going right now."

Buttrey said it's important to keep things moving forward. He says he's shown people what he can do, and believes he's made his case as to his qualifications for the position.