Candidate Shirley Ringo says education & health care are top priorities

MOSCOW, ID - Shirley Ringo is the Democratic candidate running for Idaho State Representative in Legislative District 5, Position B.

She has served six terms in the Idaho Legislature, and she was a public school teacher for 38 years. She said her experience has prepared her to take on one of the biggest issues facing Idaho today... education.

"Over the years, the legislature has not done a good job of supporting education, and has not done a good job of following through with education," said Ringo.

Ringo says that spending isn't the only thing that needs to be done to improve education, but she believes that giving the schools more money would help the situation, and reduce local property taxes.

She recently spoke out against propositions one, two, and three at a recent League of Women Voters forum. If the referendums are defeated, Ringo would like to hold hearings around the state to find out how different school boards would like to incorporate technology and improve education.

Ringo believes that health care is another one of Idaho's largest issues and she supports the Affordable Healthcare Act. She believes it's particularly important to make insurance more affordable and increase funding for Medicaid.