Competing and a busy life is what keeps Isha going

LEWISTON, ID - Isha St. Martin does it all, from athletics to ultimate frisbee and academics.

"I have a lot of stuff to do, so I have to go as I go, and I get everything done no matter what," said Isha.

Isha's hopeful to attend the University of Washington for a business degree in accounting after two years at Boise State University.

"I want to work with a big corporation like Microsoft, help out and see what I can do best," said Isha.

The intelligent, funny and athletic scholar said his competitiveness is what keeps him going.

"I just like to raise the edge and go against other people," said Isha.

The 3.9 GPA student loves spending his time learning about math and history.

"The U.S. is just an interesting thing to learn about and everything that happens is just really awesome," said Isha.

In the future, Isha plans to live in Seattle. He said his mother and grandmother are his inspiration.

"They pretty much taught me everything I've done in my life," said Isha.