De Vries has ideas to strengthen Idaho's economy

MOSCOW, ID - Ken De Vries is the Republican candidate running for the Idaho state House of Representatives in Legislative District 5, Position B.

De Vries supports more conservative spending and reducing taxes for businesses. De Vries points to revitalizing the timber industry as a way to strengthen Idaho's economy.

"Right now, we're not harvesting much timber at all off the federal land," said De Vries. "That would be an excellent way to not only add jobs, but also increase funding for education, and without raising taxes to do it

De Vries would also like to bring businesses into Idaho that could process wheat locally instead of sending it out of the state. He said this would create quality, private sector jobs that would boost the state's economy. Unlike his opponent, De Vries supports the education propositions that are on Idaho's ballot this election. He believes the propositions would be successful because they reflect the private business sector by rewarding the best teachers and weeding out those who don't perform as well. De Vries is an independent software consultant and he created his own business in 2003.