Destiny's love of English prompts her to write a non-fiction book

LAPWAI, ID - Destiny Woodward is hard working, involved in her community and has a 3.89 GPA.

"I have younger siblings and I work a lot with younger kids the elementary school and with my junior youth group," said Woodward. "Having those younger kids look up to me as a role model has really motivated me to be the best I can be in all aspects of my life."

Destiny takes time for herself as a cheerleader for the high school but her schedule mostly consists of helping others.

"We get to work with middle school students and kind of help them with their spiritual and intellectual journey," said Woodward.

After high school, Destiny plans to attend LCSC and study English. Her passion for writing even prompted her to write a non-fiction book.

"I'm hoping to get published and work in that kind of field as a side job," said Woodward.

But Destiny doesn't take all the credit. She said it's her parents that influenced her to work hard.

"They always expect a lot from me so that's shaped me to expect a lot from myself," said Woodward.