Diana Dewald's rigorous classes at WSU keep her challenged

PULLMAN, WA - Diana Dewald is one of Pullman High School's brightest seniors even though she doesn't spend too much time in the building.

"I'm actually taking only two classes here, and the others are up at the university," said Dewald.

She's taking classes at Washington State University and she said her favorite subjects are math and English.

"I really like it because it kind of gives me a feel for what college is going to be like," said Dewald. "And it's very rigorous and I enjoy that because I like being challenged."

Diana is always ready for a challenge. whether it's in the classroom, or on the soccer field.

"I play center-defense, generally," said Dewald. "But I've moved all around the field this year. I've seen a little bit of forward, a little bit of mid. So I just want to help out where even I'm playing."

She said she's not positive about where she'll go to college. But one thing is for sure, she'll be playing soccer wherever she goes.

"I'm really excited for my future, and getting to play collegiately," said Dewald.

And Diana said her dream job is working with high school kids and coaching soccer.

"I think this is a really exciting time in young people's lives and it's a time for them to grow a lot and I want to help as many young people as I can," said Dewald.

Congratulations Diana, you're this week's Academic All Star.