Gomez wants to make a life of making music

LEWISTON - LHS Senior Briana Gomez knows what revs her engine.

"I love music," said Gomez .

The marching band and jazz band keep Briana in tune. She makes music on a berry saxophone, who she's affectionately named Voltaire.

"It's's so amazing," said Gomez. "It's just so low and down and dirty in all these blues jazz songs. I love it so much."

Briana and the berry sax met by chance after her ninth grade teacher convinced her to give the instrument a chance.

"I'm so glad she did cause it that just opened so many more doors for me," said Gomez. "Because of that I was able to get into the LC Jazz Band when I was a sophomore and that was really incredible for me.

Briana planned on setting up shop with Voltaire at the College of Idaho, but after getting a full ride scholarship to the University of Arizona, she's torn. But still excited.

"I get so much experience just now just in this small little town of Lewiston so to expand beyond to the entire world of college, that'll just be amazing," said Gomez. "I'll learn so much more."