Heckathorn's passion for track is taking him to BSU to study Kinesiology

OROFINO, ID - It takes a lot to keep your grades above a 3.5 GPA and stay involved in athletics after school, but one kid does it all.

His name is Kevin Heckathorn and he's this week's Academic All Star."

"It's a lot of after school work," said Heckathorn. "After school, after track."

Kevin's passion for track is taking him to Boise State University where he plans to study Kinesiology.

"Every coach has pushed me farther and farther, and it kind of made me realize 'Hey, I want to be a coach one day,' said Heckathorn. "I want to help kids realize their dreams like they helped me realize mine."

Being involved in the extracurricular that ultimately led him to his career choice isn't just a sport for him, it's a family affair.

"My mom ran track in high school and she really pushed me to do it," said Heckathorn. "My sister ran track, so it kind of runs in the family."

But through all the hard work, Kevin knew he had to get his GPA at a 3.7 in high school.

"You're a student first and an athlete second," said Heckathorn. "So grades are most important."