Kalob Turner loves calculus class and plans to major in Mechanical Engineering

OROFINO, ID - KLEW cares about you and that's why each week during the school year, we team up with Lewiston Orthopaedic Associates to highlight an outstanding local high school student.

Reporter Sophia Miraglio introduces you to Orofino High School Senior Kalob Turner.

A three sport athlete while managing a 4.0 GPA. Those are just some of the many accomplishments Kalob Turner has on his resume. And that's why he's this week's "Academic All-Star."

"My favorite class is calculus," said Turner. "It's just a small class. We get to all work together and find out an answer I guess at the end of everything."

And if you're wanting to be a future engineer loving math could never hurt.

"I plan to go to Boise State University and major in Mechanical Engineering," said Turner.

Kalob plays a sport every season during the school year including football, basketball and baseball. And still manages to fit in extracurricular activities as well as pull in good grades.

"It's kind of hard but just time management skills," said Turner. "You gotta cut out some fun things, I guess to get your homework done and be on time."

But don't let this three sport athlete and stellar student kid's not all he makes the very most out of his last couple months as a Orofino Maniac.

"I think I'll just miss all my friends and then all the staff, they've taught me a lot here," said Turner. "It will be different seeing new faces everyday!"

Congratulations Kalob, you're this week's "Academic All-Star."