Kinzer opposes Hawkins shopping center development

PULLMAN, WA - Republican Dean Kinzer said that the commissioners' decision to increase funding for the development from $9 to $15 million is one of the main reasons why he is running to take over the Whitman County Commissioner District 2 position.

He said the commissioners overlooked the fact that a government funded shopping center would hurt local businesses.

"They didn't consider the fact that any government shouldn't be partnering with a private sector, unless there are no essential goods and services available in an area," said Kinzer.

Kinzer said that businesses in the Hawkins Development would have an unfair advantage because other local businesses have to pay for their own infrastructure.

Whitman County is currently burdened with a tight budget and Kinzer says he would try and solve that by looking into an efficiency audit to cut out any unnecessary spending in the budget. Kinzer is also concerned about the county roads, and if elected he would make sure that they are kept up in a better condition.