Kirking has a multitude of talents

CLARKSTON, WA - She has a multitude of talents, has ten varsity letters and will attend Carroll College in the Fall.

Her name is Kristen Kirking, a senior at Clarkston High School.

"I'd like to get a degree in biology and hopefully go to medical school and become a dermatologist," said Kristen.

Kristen says her love for science started at a very young age.

"Science kind of runs in the family, since my mom and dad are both science teachers, so biology is definitely my favorite subject," said Kristen.

In her spare time, Kristen can be found on the tennis court and at the soccer field. She's also a talented piano player.

"I don't get car sick, so that's a blessing, because I can do all of my work on the bus," said Kristen. "I just try to fit it in between everything."

Kristen will continue her love for soccer in college.

"My position right now is forward, so hopefully I'll be able to start," said Kristen.