LaTella lives under the lights

CLARSKTON, WA - Josh LaTella has spent his years at Clarkston High under the lights, as an actor, director and this year, theatre club president.

"I love performing and being on stage and being able to express myself that way and that's really neat," said LaTella. "I also love the leadership part of it and be able to help people out."

For his second act, this 3.98 GPA thespian is off to college to pursue a science degree and become a pharmacist.

"I really like science cause it's all about problem solving and understanding how things work which is really attractive to me because I love solving problems and figuring out things," said LaTella. "I like pharmacy because I get to work with people and that's also something that's really important to me."

Before the curtain closes, Josh would like to give his teachers a standing ovation.

"We have really great teachers who are really supportive and helpful and look out for their students which is really nice," said LaTella.