Loving the use of punctuation has Devonee planning a future in English

OROFINO, ID - Devonee Perrin is motivated, at the top of her class and wants to teach her passion to future generations.

"I'm planning on going to BYU Idaho and I'm going to double major in Elementary Education and English," said Devonee. "And then eventually get my PHD in English."

Devonee said she hopes to eventually become a professor at a University to instill the importance of English in her future students.

"I really like using punctuation," said Devonee. "There's something about a semi-colon that makes me excited. I don't know, it's weird!"

Weird or not, this scholar holds a local title and is a role a model for Orofino youth.

"I'm also the Distinguished Young Woman," said Devonee. "So I had to go to state, then right now we're doing our local program which is next week, and it's been really busy with that."

It's not easy holding a 3.7 GPA with all that under your belt, but Devonee makes it happen.