Madison takes dual-credit courses, plays volleyball while keeping up her GPA

LEWISTON, ID - KLEW cares about you, and that's why each week during the school year, KLEW News teams up with Lewiston Orthopaedic Associates to highlight an outstanding local high school student.

Tonight, Sophia Miraglio introduces you to Lewiston High School Senior, Madison Lang.

This Lewiston Bengal has volleyball skills that can take her far, but it's her 3.7 GPA that she counts on for her future. Her name is Madison Lang and she's this week's Academic All-Star.

"It takes a lot of dedication to school, you have to get your homework done on time and turn it on time," said Lang. "Study a lot and really focus, school comes first before volleyball."

With a schedule filled with dual-credit courses and advance placement classes it obvious school comes first, however volleyball is a close second.

"I love the thrill I get when I play, it really excites me to get a kill or see someone else get a kill or a pass," said Lang.

Madison's leadership in the classroom is only matched by her leadership on the court.

"We've all played since fourth grade together, we're like sisters and we just connect very well on and off the court," said Lang.

That undeniable connection has led to a record season of 28 and one. But the LHS senior not only reaches high to block or spike a ball but also has high ambitions after high school.

"I'm looking to be a children's nurse because I love working with kids a lot and being a nurse I'd be able to make them feel a lot better," said Lang.

Congratulations Lewiston High school senior, Madison Lang for being this week's Academic All Star.