Marissa is an athlete and loves to race at LHS

LEWISTON, ID - She's got style, she's got grace, she's an athlete and she loves to race.

Her name is Marissa Bernatz and she is a 3.82 Academic All Star from Lewiston High School.

"I have always been a pretty self driven person," said Marissa. "I think I don't want to let myself down and my parents expect me to do my best all of the time, that is just how I was raised."

Marissa is a member of the National Honor Society, takes five AP classes and has already been accepted to three colleges.

"I definitely am going to college," said Marissa. "I am still waiting to hear about some scholarships, so I haven't made a decision as to exactly where I am going, but definitely pursuing a further education."

So how does this 17-year-old juggle it all?

" A lot of my teachers are super understanding that I am busy all of the time so, they work with me after school. It is definitely some late nights, early mornings, finishing stuff up."