Math and music are Baker's specialties

MOSCOW, ID - Monica Baker is a Moscow High student that plays a couple different instruments.

"I've actually been playing an instrument since I was in fourth grade," said Baker.

She plays three school sports.

"I participate in soccer, basketball, and softball," said Baker.

And she does it all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA.

"I have to keep organized, and I have to keep my school work up," said Baker. "And it kind of motivates me because like, to be an athlete you have to have certain grades, you can't be failing or have a D in a class. Otherwise you couldn't play."

Monika has had a perfect GPA all through high school, but there's one thing that she's particularly good at.

"I love math," said Baker.

And she always looks forward to band class.

"It's the last class of my day, so it allows me to relax and kind get away from the stress that I have from a lot of other places," said Baker.

Monica is considering going to the University of Idaho for her first year of college, but she's being recruited by schools from across the nation.