Mattinson is mixing things up her senior year

MOSCOW, ID - Sophie Mattinson is a Moscow High Senior and when it comes to school, nothing is too intimidating.

Not even a math test.

"I just sit and take a test, and some people kind of dread it but I'm like 'Oh, this is fun!'" said Mattinson.

Her passion for academics is reflected in her 4.0 GPA. Sophie also enjoys reading, writing, and art.

"I like drawing people as I see them and kind of giving my own perspective of how I see people," said Mattinson.

For her first three years, she was an athlete who put most of her free time into soccer. But during her senior year, she decided to mix things up a bit.

"So this year, I started to join more clubs because I realized it's important to be involved with your school," said Mattinson.

The Key Club and the National Honors Society are just a couple of the clubs she's involved with. Not to mention, she's the editor in chief of the school paper. She's not sure where she'll go to college, or what she'll study, but she believes her hard work in high school will pay off.

"By trying hard in school, I feel like I have a lot more options," said Mattinson. "Whereas if I didn't try hard in school, I feel like I'd be much more limited. "