Mingo knows kids are her calling

LEWISTON, ID - LHS senior Jacklyn Mingo is certainly her big brother's little sister.

"He's a big role model in my life," said Mingo. "He's my biggest fan in pretty much everything and I know I can go to him with whatever."

Even though her brother wasn't always around, she knew he was by her side.

"My brother moving away and going into the military when I was in the fifth grade was a big thing and I relied on him so heavily and when he wasn't there, I had to kind of start looking after myself and figuring out where I need to be on my own and that kind of helped a lot but he was still always there for me," said Mingo.

There's no doubt that Jacklyn is making her brother proud today. She manages a 3.98 GPA, in addition to a busy schedule of band and bowling. But the highlight of her day is hanging with kids as a teaching aid. She likes it so much, she plans to still be at it ten years from now as a teacher.

"Hopefully doing elementary school, working with kids, hopefully married or something like that I hope, somewhere around there," said Mingo.