Packer is up for challenging career as a surgeon

LEWISTON, ID - He's a 4.0 scholar, in advanced placement classes and a guy that reaches for the stars. His name is Packer Blazzard, a senior at Lewiston High School, and he's this week's Academic All Star.

"It's important for me to get grades because I know that it will help me later in life with my career," said Packer.

It's an easy decision for Packer, who has plans to become a surgeon, but there's still debate on whether he should pursue a career as a heart or brain surgeon.

"I want to be a surgeon because it's a challenging career that allows me to help people and be awarded for it," said Packer.

Packer is a member of the National Honor Society and says his favorite classes are those that prepare him for his studies in the medical field.

"It determines how my life's going to be in the future. I have plans to attend BYU for my undergraduate premed degree and maybe the University of Washington for my medical school," said Packer.