Participation in sports motivated Holly to succeed academically at Genesee High School

GENESEE, ID - KLEW cares about you and that's why each week during the school year, we team up with Lewiston Orthopaedic Associates to highlight an outstanding local high school student.

Reporter Rachel Dubrovin introduces you to Genesee High School Senior, Holly Carter.

Genesee High School Senior Holly Carter is just weeks away from graduation.

"I'm so excited," said Carter. "I could not be happier to be done with high school."

She has big plans for the fall, but she won't be moving far.

"I'm going to the U of I next fall and I'm going to major in exercise science and health," said Carter. "I guess that would be my main, my favorite subject, is health."

With a 3.9 GPA Holly is the salutatorian of her graduating class.

"I'm pretty proud of it, actually," said Carter. "I mean I've worked pretty hard to maintain that."

She said her parents helped her stay motivated, and so did her involvement in things like volleyball, basketball, and track.

"I think it was good to be involved in a sport and academics because I think it really pushes you to get better grades," said Carter. "I mean, if you work really hard during the day, you don't have that much to do at night, and that's when you play your sports."

Congratulations Holly, you're this week's "Academic All-Star."