Putting academics first on the list got Maria accepted to St. Martin's University

POMEROY, WA - A senior at Pomeroy High School, this ASB President knows exactly why academics are so important to her future.

Her name is Maria Meyers and she's this week's "Academic All-Star."

"I'm definitely a studier," said Meyers.

A trait that Maria knows got her accepted into St. Martin's University, her dream school.

"After going to the St. Martin's campus so many times and just being there and meeting the staff, going around the campus, it's just a beautiful place," said Meyers.

It's not just academics that keeps Maria in line. She's got musical skills to flaunt as well.

"I am an avid band student," said Meyers. "I can play eight different instruments but in band I only play the trumpet."

But at the end of the day academics always come first.

"Sometimes you have to give things up and you really have to put the most important things first," said Meyers.

Congratulations Maria. You're this week's "Academic All-Star."