Rausch says he's increased wages & introduced new technology as sheriff

MOSCOW, ID - Incumbent Wayne Rausch has been the Sheriff in Latah County for eight years and he said that a substantial amount of money has already been cut from the department's budget over the last several years.

Rausch said it's not possible to make more cuts without degrading the service that the sheriff's office provides to the county.

"My priorities are to have a very professional, efficient, technologically advanced office," said Rausch.

Rausch believes the department needs the money to pay for quality equipment and overtime when it's needed. Rausch does not agree with Wilson's claim that more trainings should be held in Latah County. He said that it's difficult to find the space for it, and that it costs about the same to send people outside the county as it does to host trainings locally.

One thing both candidates agree on is the fact that he radio system used by emergency responders needs to be upgraded. During his time as sheriff, Rausch said he has increased wages, introduced new technologies, and obtained better vehicles for the department.