Rebekah Bruner is ASB President and valedictorian of her class

COTTONWOOD, ID - KLEW cares about you and that's why each week during the school year, we team up with Lewiston Orthopaedic Associates to highlight an outstanding local high school student.

KLEW News introduces you to Prairie High School senior Rebekah Bruner.

An aspiring doctor...who hopes to work with kids someday. Her name is Rebekah Bruner and she's this week's Academic All-Star.

"I'm going to Centre College which is in Danville, Kentucky which is a small private school," said Bruner. "And I'm really, really excited because I think it'll help me challenge myself."

Since she was a young girl, Rebekah said she's always dreamed of going to school in the South where her father graduated.

"Hopefully I'll go to medical school afterwards and become a doctor," said Bruner.

Not only is she the Valedictorian of her class, she's involved in pretty much everything.

"ASB President, I was in student council all four years," said Bruner. "I'm in HOSA which is Health Occupation Students of America, PAVE is a volunteer group."

So how does she keep her life from bursting at the seams?

"I actually have this full blown calendar at my house," said Bruner. "I have to write everything down."

And keeping those grades up? Well for always comes first.

"Teach yourself before the teacher teaches you," said Bruner. "Read a chapter ahead of the teacher."

Congratulations Rebekah, You're this week's Academic All-Star."