Rehder says he'll maintain working relationship with public if elected

LEWISTON, ID - Democratic candidate and former Idaho County Commissioner Jim Rehder said he's ready to represent the county once again.

Rehder said current Idaho County Commissioners don't communicate well with the public and that, if elected, he'll make sure to instill and maintain a working relationship with the community. Rehder said he has the time to do the job of county commissioner and that his energy and knowledge, combined with the interest and passion to run a successful county, make him the right person for the position.

"A county commissioner is one that has good leadership and problem solving skills and this Idaho county commission doesn't listen to the people," said Rehder.

Rehder previously served six years as an Idaho County Commissioner. He says his bottom-up management style and his ability to bring the people's voice to the commission is the type of leadership he brings to the table.