Renner uses her creativity as editor for school year book

MOSCOW, ID - Moscow High School Senior Julianne Renner is a devoted student who loves playing soccer.

"When you take hard classes and push yourself, it makes the whole entire experience more rewarding," said Renner. "And I think if I don't work hard now, it's going to hurt me in the long run."

She has a knack for literature.

"You get to write and express yourself and I think that's probably my favorite part," said Renner.

And her creativity isn't limited to the classroom, she's also one of the editors of the school's yearbook.

"We make the layouts for people, and we edit the articles and put it all together, and then we send it off, " said Renner.

But her favorite activity has nothing to do with books.

"My favorite thing to do is play soccer," said Renner. "I've played it since I was like five. And it's a lot of fun for me, I get to forget about school."

Julianne isn't sure where she'll go to college, but she hopes to attend a smaller university where she can continue to play soccer.

"It drives me to do better in school and I've just loved it for a long time," said Renner.

Congratulations, Julianne, you're this week's Academic All Star.