Sandquist pushes himself now for the greatest opportunity for later success

TROY, ID - The Troy High School football team is on its way to the state championship in Pocatello, and one of the players that helped them get there is Senior Clint Sandquist.

"We've actually been undefeated so far," said Troy High School Senior Clint Sandquist. "Ranked number one in the state, actually number one in the nation for eight-man teams, so it's a pretty big accomplishment."

Clint isn't only an accomplished athlete, he's also an accomplished student.

"I've been on the honor roll all through high school," said Sandquist. "I have a 4.0 right now. Just keep on trying to study, keep it up."

Not to mention, he's the Student Body President.

"Just following in my dad's footsteps," said Sandquist. "He was the president when he was in high school, so why not?"

Clint has a busy schedule, but he said he has plenty of motivation to keep him going.

"My parents push me to do my best, and I have brothers that look up to me," said Sandquist. "And I just want to make sure that I have the greatest opportunity for success later on in life."

He's looking forward to going to college, but he said he'll probably stay relatively close to home.

"Coming home for dinner sometimes," said Sandquist. "My mom, she's a good cook."

Congratulations, Clint. You're this week's Academic All-Star.