Solving math problems and riding horses keeps Charli busy

LEWISTON, ID - It's not easy maintaining a 3.8 GPA while fulfilling the duties of royalty for the Lewiston Roundup, but Lewiston High School Senior Charli Young can manage it all.

"My parents always try to push me to try to keep my grades up and do the best I can in school," said Young.

Striving for the best in all areas of school is important to Charli, especially mathematics, which is her favorite subject.

"There's like a set answer and it's not open for everything," said Young. "I know that I have to find the right answer, and it gives me something to work towards."

Setting goals and working towards greatness is what she's all about. Charli will attend LCSC in the Fall for Dental Hygiene, which she says was an easy choice to make.

"It's close and it will save a lot of money," said Young.

Charli's excellence at Lewiston High School is only matched by one thing, her excellence in the horse arena.

"A lot of people encouraged me, and I'm really glad I'm doing it," said Young.

Charli will make her big debut as princess at this year's Lewiston Roundup. With roundup obligations and endless homework to finish her senior year, she says it all comes down to priorities.

"I always try to finish my homework right away, that way I have the rest of the evening to do other things," said Young.