Subjects of math and science keep Pitzer interested at school

PULLMAN, WA - Ryan Pitzer is a Pullman High School senior who's all about sports.

"Football, basketball, and track," said Pitzer.

And school, especially math and science.

"It's just really interesting that I actually do understand all of this stuff that happens around me," said Pitzer.

Not to mention, he'll be going to a state marketing competition for DECA in the spring.

"It's interesting because I work at a restaurant and I get to pretend to be the boss, and that's always fun," said Pitzer.

Ryan has held a 4.0 all through high school while playing a different sport every season.

"It usually just clicks," said Pitzer.

He said staying busy is well worth it because he gets support from teachers and teammates when he comes to school.

"It's just really enjoyable to have that camaraderie," said Pitzer.

And from his parents when he gets home. Ryan hasn't decided on a college yet, but he thinks it'll come down to either Washington State University, or California Polytechnic State University.

"It's either the home town, or go somewhere warm," said Pitzer.