Support from sisters helps Raeann stay on top of studies

CLARKSTON, WA - Raeann Vansickle is a proud senior at Clarkston High school and may be one of this year's valedictorians.

"I like to do well in school because I hope to get scholarships to help me get through college and that way I'll be able to have a good future," said Raeann.

Doing well in school, combined with a number of extracurricular activities, including marching band, tap dance and DECA keeps Raeann very busy.

"I try to schedule my days so that I have enough time to do my homework and everything that I need to do while still trying to sleep," said Raeann.

Raeann said keeping her grades up has a lot to do with her sisters.

"We really push each other to do out best," said Raeann. "We'll compare grades, but it's always in good sport."

Raeann remains undecided as to where she'll further her education but knows one thing for certain...

"I would like to become an aeronautical engineer, maybe at NASA," said Raeann. "I'll see where my future takes me."