Teigen is one well-rounded Panther

ASOTIN, WA - Chase Teigen hasn't always lived in the area. His family moved Asotin when he was in third grade, and nine years later

"I'm a lot closer to my classmates, it's a lot closer sense of family. I get to know the teachers better," said Teigen. "Just a lot smaller in general."

He's done well for himself as a Panther. Chase said a nearly perfect GPA doesn't come by accident.

"Good study habits, I think," said Teigen. "I get my homework done on time. I think I'm generally a good studier, a good worker, just keep those habits up."

He's disciplined, as well! In his senior year he took the lead as Cross Country team captain and is looking forward to his next sport, which he's running up to 35 miles a week for.

"Right now i'm running but it's really cold outside," said Teigen. "But just put some pants on and keep up with it so I can do good in track."

Chase stays involved at AHS. He's been a part of Student Council throughout his four years and is also a part of FFA.