The subject of math keeps McGreevy challenged for a future in engineering

POMEROY, WA - A three sport athlete while managing a 3.9 GPA, those are just some of the many accomplishments Bryan McGreevy has on his resume. And that's why he's this week's "Academic All-Star."

"Math is usually the one that keeps me the most focused because I enjoy it and it's tougher and it makes it more of a challenge," said Bryan.

This future engineer might have a lot to brag about, but he's a level-headed kid that has figured out his own way of getting good grades.

"I can't learn very well so I figure I need to try and learn it the first time that makes it the easiest for me," said Bryan.

Bryan plays a sport every season during the school year including football, basketball and baseball. And still manages to fit in extracurricular activities after sports.

"And I'm in a lot of clubs," said Bryan. "I do FFA, FBLA. and I'm an officer in FFA"

While it's all about the grades and the resume right now, this aspiring Washington State University student has his eye on the prize.

"The better I do in high school, I know it's going to be that much easier for me to pay in college," said Bryan.

Congratulations Bryan, you're this week's "Academic All-Star."