Tilleman stands up to the pressure of maintaining a perfect GPA

GENESEE, ID - Reggie Tilleman is a senior at Genesee High School with a flawless GPA.

"It's nice to say you have a 4.0, but it's pretty stressful when finals come around," said Tilleman. "I mean, the joke always is, if you would have gotten a B your first semester as a freshman, all the pressure's off. "

And his favorite subject?

"I really like math," said Tilleman. "It kind of sounds crazy, but I really like it."

Reggie said he's motivated to do well in school because he's also an athlete.

"I play football, basketball, and I throw shot put and discus," said Tilleman.

Reggie is currently representing the Bulldogs on the basketball court, but he said football is his favorite.

"Getting to hang out with your friends everyday, being competitive," said Tilleman. "It's pretty fun. I mean, it's always a fun group of guys here at Genesee."

Reggie may have some mixed emotions about graduating in a few months.

"You don't really know if you're excited or if you're sad to go, but you're ready for it.," said Tilleman.

But he knows that he'll be going to college somewhere in the Northwest. Congratulations, Reggie, you're this week's "Academic All- Star."