Using study tool techniques keeps Meena on track for college

LEWISTON, ID - Lewiston High School senior Meena Davies is a hard worker and she's got the grades to prove it.

"School is my job and so I need to complete and achieve and be successful in what I'm doing right now," said Davies.

For Meena, being disciplined enough to get the 3.5 GPA she holds this semester is a habit that comes naturally.

"Even if I don't have any homework, just reviewing terms and re-reading the chapter," said Davies.

She credits the study tools and techniques she uses to her organized father.

"He's always been a very structured and well disciplined person and I've always taken after him," said Davies.

To save money, Meena is attending University of Idaho for her first year of college. But after figuring out what she wants to study it's off to Oregon State University for the rest of her undergrad.

"Oregon State because my whole family goes to Oregon State and I've always wanted to be a Beaver," said Davies.