Beware of the dangers of baby monitors

Lisa Rushton and Charley Pereira couldn't take their eyes off of baby, Savannah. They enlisted the help of a video baby monitor to keep tabs when a caregiver wasn't in the room.

"Where it was placed at the time, she was unable to reach it. But she reached a milestone 24 hours before the accident occurred," her mother.

Baby monitors are aimed at protecting children, but there's a potential hazard that wouldn't even occur to most caregivers.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says at least seven children, including Savannah, have died in the last decade as a result of strangulation from baby monitor cords.

"Children are curious. They'll reach out if they can get it within their grasp, and that cord ends up their neck and strangling them," said Rick Locker of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association.

So the CPSC and the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association are urging parents to keep baby monitors out of reach, never inside or on the edge of a crib or playpen, preferably more than 3 feet away.

"That's not just true for electric line cords on monitors. That's true for drapery cords and window blinds, and any other corded equipment around the nursery. Keep them out of the child's reach."

Also part of the effort are warning labels to stick on baby monitor cords and other corded devices so that any caregiver is reminded to place it far from baby's grasp to avoid future tragedies.

Safety experts at CPSC urge parents and caregivers to immediately check the location of your baby monitors, including those mounted on the wall, to make sure that the electrical cords are out of the child's reach. Check that location periodically to make sure the cords stay out of reach as your child grows.