Checks in the mail to victims of interest rate reduction robo calls

The Federal Trade Commission is mailing refund checks to thousands of consumers nationwide who allegedly were defrauded by a telemarketer who used robocalls to pitch worthless credit card rate reduction programs.

The auto-dialed recorded messages were designed to sound urgent, and instructed consumers to press 1 to talk to a representative, who would proceed to hard sell the rate reduction scheme.

Consumers were required to pay an up-front fee. Each consumer will receive a check for between $31 and $1,300, based on how much money he or she lost in the scam.

While the FTC has successfully stopped that particular scam, which included messages from "Heather from Card Services", the scam is as active as ever.

Consumers nationwide now report getting robocalls from "Rachel" - same pitch. Same upfront fee demand. Same scam.

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