Even good windows don't last forever

I think we all know that single-pane windows waste energy.

That's why many of us have replaced those old windows with double-pane windows. They're made from two pieces of glass with some gas in between them.

Double-pane windows first appeared in the 1970, and many of them have failed by now.

Matt Maury at the Homeowners Club says new windows will do more than make you feel warmer.

"Moisture doesn't condense on the inside of the widows, so you're not going to have problems with mold or mildew forming down in the corners," Maury said.

One more benefit: New windows come are often treated to prevent the sun's ultra-violet rays from fading or discoloring your carpets, curtains and furniture.

So how long should you expect a new, high-quality window to last?

"A double-pane window should last anywhere from 12 to 25 years, depending on the exposure it has," Maury told me.

New windows aren't cheap, but they will cut your home heating bills. There are rebates and tax credits that can help bring the cost down.

By the way, you don't need to replace all of your windows at once. If money is tight, you can replace some of your windows now and replace the rest later. The Home Owners Club says focus your efforts on the rooms you use most often, or target the windows that get worst weather.

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