Holiday food is not for your pet!

The Thanksgiving meal is filled with rich and often fatty foods. That's why it tastes so good.

With so many leftovers, it might be tempting to give your pets some table scraps. Don't do it. These rich and fatty foods can create serious problems for their digestive system.

"Anything that's high in fat or high in butter or sugar, or just foods that they're just not used to, such as the dark meat on the turkey or bacon, ham, any of those kinds of things, can be a problem, said Tessa King, a vet with

Homeward Pet Adoption Center

in Woodinville.

Dr. King tells me those fatty foods can cause inflammation in the intestinal tract.

"Particularly, we worry about inflation of the pancreas which can cause pancreatitis and make them pretty sick," she said.

One more tip: Don't give your dog any of those turkey bones. That's just asking for trouble.

"Bones can splinter and cause a lot of inflammation in the G.I. tract," King warned. "Also, your pet can choke on those bones. They can get stuck on the way down to the stomach."

And remember, no chocolate!

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