LED light bulbs now more affordable than ever

A few words on this Earth Day about the latest and most environmentally-friendly light bulb ever.

LED's create light with very little energy. In fact, they use about a tenth of the electricity of an incandescent bulb that gives off the same amount of light.

LED bulbs are made to last a long time: 20 years or more.

"So once you put one in you may never change that light bulb again," says Andy Wappler with Puget Sound Energy.

Wappler says LEDs are better than energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) in many ways.

"You can use them in dimmers, they come on instantly when you turn on the light switch and they don't tend to flicker."

Some people find the light is more pleasing that from compact CFLs.

One more big benefit: CFLs contain a tiny amount of mercury, LED's don't. So, disposing of old LED bulbs is easier.

The price of LEDs has dropped dramatically the last few years. They used to be $40 or $50. Now you can now get them for around $10 a bulb, less with a utility company rebate.

Wappler reminds us that the payback is enormous.

"You could literally with a single bulb, because it's so efficient, save a couple of hundred dollars over the lifetime of that bulb."

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