Many household products work just as well as fancy cleaners

You can buy all sorts of cleaning products, but chances are you already have some good ones in your house.

Sue Perry with Consumer Reports ShopSmart magazine says white vinegar makes a nice all-purpose cleaner

"It may not be as good or as powerful as the things you buy but it brightens stuff up, it can clean," she says.

And then there's baking soda.

"I use baking soda. It's a mild abrasive and it cleans without scratching and it doesn't have any nasty fumes. You just make a paste with water and scrub. It's pretty easy."

And don't forget chlorine bleach.

"It's great for removing stains and mildew."

You can also use it to disinfect your cutting board and kitchen surfaces.

Just mix a tablespoon of bleach in a gallon of water and you can spray that solution on the cutting boards and counters to disinfect them.

One more tip: be sure to label any homemade cleaners. ShopSmart recommends adding a drop or two of food color to help you know which is which.

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