Many prefer lifestyle change to cholesterol drugs

Statins are one of the most prescribed types of prescription drugs. They're used to lower cholesterol. But a recent study shows that many patients - if given the choice - would have preferred to try lifestyle changes before going on the drugs.

"Clinicians don't trust patients to make, in general, effective lifestyle changes and as a result prescribe the tablets," says Mayo Clinic Dr. Victor Montori, one of the study investigators.

Montori says it points to a communication breakdown between doctor and patient. here's his advice to physicians.

"Listen to your patients. Many of them are not interested in the tablets. If there's an opportunity for those who are highly motivated to implement changes as small as they appear, do not waste that opportunity."

Of course, communication is a two-way street. So it's important for you, the patient, to let your doctors know about your preferences.

It's ok to ask questions. Do i really need that drug or that test or is there something else we might try first? If the doctor doesn't like you taking part in your medical care, find another doctor.