New allegations against Oregon hearing aid salesman

Complaints by an unhappy customer in Bellevue have prompted new allegations against a Portland-area hearing aid salesman.

Norma Anderson, 85, first sounded the alarm earlier this year, telling Bellevue Police that Roy Taber, of the Family Hearing Center in Hillsboro, Oregon, used deceptive practices to sell her nearly $2,800 worth of hearing aids that didn't work.

Police say their investigation uncovered evidence that the two hearing aids sold to Anderson as new were actually old models refurbished a decade ago.

Bellevue PD issued an arrest warrant after Taber failed to appear in court in August. The King County Prosecutor charged Taber with two counts of second degree theft.

Now that news of Norma's nightmare has spread to Oregon, Fred and Sharon Wiley of Oregon City are sharing details of their encounter with Taber.

The Wileys say they paid nearly $2,700 2 hearing aids. Fred Wiley says one unit barely works, the other doesn't work at all. But in order get service the Wileys say they had to continue to pay Taber for new batteries- and still never got satisfaction. The Wileys say they just filed their own report with police in Oregon City to help turn down the volume on Taber's sales tactics.

Licensing regulators in Oregon say they suspended his Hearing Aid Specialists license 2 years ago, for unprofessional conduct, failure to safeguard client records and other issues. Based on the new allegations they say they're taking another look at his operations.

Taber is scheduled for arraignment in Seattle on November 28, at which time he's expected to plead not guilty.