Plan ahead for long-term care

Nobody likes to think about getting old or needing help, but we're all going to get there some day.

That why Abby Durr with Silver Age Housing and Care Referrals encourages families to think about and talk about this well before they have to deal with a crisis situation.

"People wait until there's a broken hip or dehydration and all of a sudden they're rushed to the hospital and the doctor or the discharge planners say, 'You're not safe to go back home.' They absolutely panic and need to find a place really fast and then they make decisions that are not the best. We see that all the time," Durr says.

The fact is 70 percent of those 65 and older will need long-term care sometime in their life. So this is something that's important to think about.

Do some research. Find out what options there are should you need support to take care of a loved one.

A good place to start: Senior Services in King County, Senior Services of Snohomish County or Pierce County Aging and Disability Referral Center.