Renter's insurance is cheap and can really save the day

What would happen to your stuff - your computer, TV, clothing, and jewelry - if you rent your home or apartment and the worst happens: a fire, storm damage or burglary?

A new national survey shows two out of three renters do not have insurance coverage.

"The landlord's insurance covers the building, it covers the appliances, it covers the structure itself, but it does not cover your stuff," said Karl Newman with the NW Insurance Council.

He says renter's insurance also provides liability coverage.

"The renter's policy also protects you if others are injured at your home - whether it's a home you are renting or an apartment - by you, a family member or a pet," Newman said. "And it pays your legal defense costs if you're taken to court."

With renter's insurance you also get coverage for stuff in your car.

"Anything in your vehicle that is not permanently installed would not be covered under your auto policy, but it would be covered by your renter's insurance," he said.

And how much is renter's insurance? Newman says the average cost in Washington state is less than $15 a month.